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  • Is There An Admission Fee For the Farm?
    Yes there is a $2 admission fee for access to the U-pick and petting zoo for ages 3-59. This also allows visitors to sample fruit while picking.
  • What Events Are Happening Right Now?
    To view our current events please refer to our latest Facebook posts.
  • Do I Need To Bring My Own Baskets?
    No you do not need to bring your own baskets. We offer reusable bags and baskets for visitors to pick with although customers are always welcome to bring their own bags as well.
  • What's Currently in Season?
    Our Facebook page has current information on the latest happenings. Please check the latest posts to see what is in season. If planning ahead, our Seasons page has approximate dates on when certain crops will be ready for the U-pick!
  • Are Picnics Allowed?
    Yes! We have a few picnic tables available for visitors who want to enjoy their lunch outdoors.
  • Are Pets Allowed?
    Yes we would love to see your pets although we kindly request that they remain on a leash and remain attended to at all times.
  • How do I Submit an Order for Wholesale Baking?
    We would be pleased to serve you! Please contact us through the Cafe's email for any questions regarding food orders.
  • Can I Shoot A Photo Session at Dempsey's Corner Orchard?
    Yes we'd absolutely love to have you! Please contact us through one of our Social Media sites to arrange a time.
  • Does Dempsey's Offer School Tours?
    Yes we do offer guided school tours. These tours offer hands-on experience in different farming activities as well as teaching student's about daily farm life. Please message us through Facebook if interested in one of our tours.
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